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Westonka Youth Basketball Association

The Westonka Youth Basketball Association (WYBBA) provides an opportunity for boys and girls in grades 3-8 to participate in organized basketball focused on skill development, technique and competitive play. Practices will begin in mid-October and games are typically played November through early March. Each team typically practices twice per week and tournaments are played on weekends. Families will purchase their own uniforms. 

For more information about WYBBA, or if you are interested in coaching or volunteering, please contact the WYBBA Board at 


10,000 Shot Club

The Westonka Youth Basketball Association (“WYBBA”) sponsors a 10,000-shot club in the offseason where players are encouraged to shoot 10,000 shots after school ends and before the season begins.  All players who complete the challenge will earn (not win) an exclusive prize.  All players who earn the title will have their names placed on the WYBBA website and honored everywhere they go!

Summer Bingo Board

The WYBBA Bingo card is filled with various basketball skill challenges and activities. Your goal is to complete as many squares as possible to get BINGO or better yet, a blackout! Please note there is one bingo card for players entering grades 3-5 and one for grades 6-8. 

Of course there are prizes up for grabs for those who complete the most squares including basketball trading cards, water bottles and entries to win Wolves or Lynx tickets! 

Ready to join in on the fun (while improving b-ball skills)? Print your WYBBA Bingo card and get started! Each player may blackout as many bingo cards as they’d like to.

When a bingo and/or blackout is completed, snap a photo of the bingo card (ideally with the player holding it or an action shot of them finishing their last square, etc.) and email it to